Advanced Age Control Night Cream

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  • Collection: Utique
  • Capacity: 50ml

A wealth of carefully selected, intensively anti-aging and firming active ingredients penetrating your skin during your sleep that will make you wake up each morning amazed by your perfectly hydrated, regenerated and smooth skin. A carefully developed cream formula contains the revolutionary L.C.G.S MC 8.0 complex, selected specifically for FM WORLD, which, thanks to the synergistic combination with edelweiss meristem and shea butter extract, has strong lifting effects, makes the skin more elastic and effectively slows down the aging processes. The cream slightly lightens the skin and effectively improves its appearance, optically reducing wrinkles and lifting flabby neck skin. At last, your skin will become more supple, hydrated and actually firm. It will finally regain its natural glow thanks to proper regeneration and nourishment. The ADVANCED AGE CONTROL NIGHT CREAM will improve the appearance of your skin and will make you even more beautiful from the very start of each day.

→ L.C.G.S MC 8.0 – this carefully developed cream formula contains an innovative complex based on epigenetic research, which has been selected specifically for FM WORLD. It affects the synthesis of two proteins that are of key importance to a youthful appearance: fibronectin, which interacts with, among others, collagen and proteoglycans, and protein p53, which participates in DNA regeneration. Therefore, it has strong anti-aging effects – it regenerates the skin and keeps it smooth. 
→The newest, milder generation of the vitamin A derivative is currently one of the most effective anti-wrinkle substances, which slightly lightens the skin and visibly improves its appearance. 
→Edelweiss meristem extract prevents the effects of oxidative stress caused by the air pollution and UV radiation, and has strong lifting effects on flabby neck skin, optically lifts your cheeks and smooths out the so-called “crow's feet”. It will make you forget about a grey and tired complexion, and your skin will become fantastically firm and more resistant to the negative effects of external factors responsible for the aging processes. 
→ Shea butter – oil from the nuts of the African tree gracefully named the Mangifolia tree (which in Africa has been considered sacred and has been worshipped for thousands of years). It leaves your skin perfectly soft and hydrated.
When you are resting at night the carefully selected ingredients penetrate your skin to make it more smooth and radiant than ever before. To reinforce the skincare results, we recommend using it with the ANTI-AGING ELIXIR FACE SERUM and ROYAL PERFECTION DAY CREAM from the UTIQUE series.