Blur Effect Lifting Foundation

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  • Capacity: 30ml

The blur effect, also referred to as the soft-focus effect, is a well-known term in the field of photography. It allows to smooth out all the sharp contours and blur the image in the picture so that the model’s face looks flawless and perfectly smooth. In the world of cosmetics it offers strikingly similar results. Thanks to the ingredients with unique optical properties, it creates a layer on the surface of the skin which reflects and diffuses light evenly, masking the imperfections of your skin.

It superbly covers imperfections and evens out your skin tone. It guarantees flawless, youthful and a natural look without the mask effect. Thanks to its light, liquid consistency, it spreads very easily.

  • prevents shiny-looking skin
  • gives a soft-focus effect
  • screates an immediate visual lifting effect