Collabeauty Q10 Expert

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Collabeauty Q10 Expert is an ally in combating the signs of ageing!
• a high content of collagen obtained from Atlantic cod
• with coenzyme Q10 called the elixir of youth
• enriched with vitamins and minerals valuable for the skin
Measure out 5 g of the product using the measuring cup and dissolve it in 150 ml of water. Drink in the evening.

💓 Collagen: 💥 improves health of skin, hair and nails, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin elasticity 💥 Reduces joint pain, muscular repair and recovery and reduces degeneration 💥Helps improve overall gut health 💥Boost metabolic function, energy levels and improves muscle mass development 💥Heals and improves inflammatory skin conditions 💥Helps prevent cellulite and stretch marks 💥Supports optical function (eye health) 💥 Supports heart functions

💖CoQ10: 💥Improves cognitive functions and brain health - supports neurotransmitters 💥Boosts energy levels 💥Repairs, regenerates and encourages skin healing and cell regeneration 💥Increases libido and supports fertility function in men and women 💥Balances and improves mood levels 💥Supports cardiovascular (heart) functions 💥Combats headaches, migraine and oxidative stress levels 💥Promotes smooth and youthful skin 💥Known to improve eye, hearing and oral health 💥Has virtually NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS OR CONTRAINDICATIONS

💓ZINC: 💥 known to aid and improve neurotransmitter function 💥 known to aid infection recovery and boost immune system significantly 💥Elevates mood and sense of well-being 💥Supports eye, ear and hair health 💥Improves fertility function especially in men

💓COPPER: 💥Encourages even skin tone and reduces broken capillaries 💥Supports the nervous system 💥Supports blood and heart health 💥Boosts immunity and supports the production of white blood cells 💥Aids the absorption and production of collagen in the body VITAMIN A: 💥Strengthens immune system 💥Powerful antioxidant - reduces free radical damage 💥Supports optical health 💥Reduces Acne

💓VITAMIN C: 💥Supports production and absorption of collagen and other nutrients in the body 💥Improves immunity 💥 supports healthy skin 💥Promotes protein cells and enzymes for fighting off infection 💥Essential for energy function Hopefully you can see how all the ingredients interlink and support each other and their primary and secondary functions for overall skin, bone, body, blood, heart and mental health!! This really is a super power super charged product that EVERYBODY of every age would benefit from 💓

Content per 1 serving (5g):
Fish collagen hydrolysate 2500 mg
Coenzyme Q10 10 mg
Vitamin C 80 mg (100%)
Vitamin A 800 µg (100%)
Zinc 1.5 mg (15%)
Copper 0.15 mg (15%)
*NRV –Nutrient Reference Value for an Average adult (8400kJ / 2000kcal)

Total weight : 223.0 [g]