Lift Extreme Eye Serum

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A heavily concentrated serum with an outstanding formula, technologically advanced, specialist rejuvenating treatment, based on the latest results of scientific research.

▪️ Gives an immediate lifting effect
▪️ Noticeably reduces lines and wrinkles
▪️ Firms and smoothed the skin
▪️ Reduces puffy eyes
▪️ Increases skin density and elasticity
▪️ Evens out skin tone
▪️ Makes pores less noticeable
▪️ Use under eyes and other parts of the face
▪️ Contains Pentapepide-18 and Hexapeptide-8


2-3 minutes are enough to visibly smooth the wrinkles and firm the skin. It is an excellent cosmetic to use before an important meeting, an evening out, as well as for everyday application. It is very efficient - enough for 25 applications.


Total weight : 30.0 [g]