Magical Quick Dry Potion 200ml

Magical Quick Dry Potion 200ml

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The Magical Quick Dry Potion protects hair from styling damage and creates an ultra - conditioned glossy finish

The magical mix of light weightless conditioners prevents static and fly-aways, whilst putting a stop to a frizz-attack. Our Magical Quick Dry Potion helps to tame unmanageable hair for easier styling and strengthens weak and abused locks.

Protecting and caring benefits include:

Reduces drying time on average by half

Protects from the damaging effects of the sun with a UV filter

Nourishes hair with a weightless leave-in conditioner

Acts as a heat protector and shields hair from damage

Helps tame unmanageable hair

Strengthens weakened or damaged hair

Anti-static ​

Prevents frizz and flyways


The Cloud Nine Magical QUICK DRY Potion is a MUST-HAVE hair hero.


  • Magical Quick Dry Potion 200ml