Nioxin Hair System Kit 5

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Nioxin Hair System Kit 5 is for medium/coarse, natural, normal to thin-looking hair.

Nioxin Hair System Kit 5 is a 3 step system to cleanse, moisturise and nourish the scalp and hair. Ideal for medium/coarse Hair that is normal to thin looking, Hair System Kit 5 is also ideal for chemically treated hair.

SmoothPlex™ provides moisture, natural shine and smooth control to hair. Whilst Activ-Renewal™ delivers bionutrients for a more youthful-looking scalp and fuller, healthier-looking hair. Nioxin's exclusive Transactive Delivery System™ delivers essential nutrients onto the scalp which improves the appearance of thinning hair and creates an environment for fuller, healthier-looking hair.

Kit contains:

Cleanser 5 150ml - A hydrating cleanser that gently removes residue and DHT from the hair and scalp.
Scalp Revitaliser Conditioner 5 150ml - A hydrating conditioner that moisturises and energises.
Scalp Treatment 5 50ml - A daily leave-in scalp treatment.