Ruby - Solid Parfum

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  • Collection: Utique
  • Capacity: 20g

Imagine that your favourite fragrance turns into an exceptional form that you can touch and enjoy without end … It melts into your skin leaving a seductive, captivating aroma. It wraps around you like soft chiffon, becoming an experience caressing your senses. This is our new RUBY SOLID PARFUM. This is the quintessence of luxury locked in a creamy texture.

→ Type: magnetic, attractive, seductive 
→ Fragrance Notes: 
→ Head: cashmere wood, jasmine, cistus 
→ Heart: vanilla, amberwood, balsamic notes
→ Base: white oud, black musk, dry wood

This is a unique marriage of precious fragrances in the form of a cream, which is a source of an exceptional experience caressing your senses. A luxurious combination in which jasmine, rockrose and cashmere tree accords playfully alternate with the sweet aroma of vanilla and amber wood to eventually uncover the clear note of white oud, black musk and dry wood. It is the quintessence of elegance locked in a beautiful bottle. Magnetising, seducing, tempting… Try it on your own skin. Due to its creamy texture, the perfume is exceptionally durable and stays on your skin for a long time. Just a small amount of the cream is sufficient to feel the caress that stimulates all the senses.
It is best to apply the perfume with your fingers on the so-called pulse points, i.e. where the blood pulsates and the body generates heat: on the inside of the wrists, the neck, behind your ears, in your cleavage, in the crook of your elbows and at the back of your knees. Then the perfume will fantastically develop its bouquet and stay on your skin for a long time.