Ultra Firming Bust Cream

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  • Collection: Utique
  • Capacity: 50ml

Wishing to meet the needs of contemporary women, we have created a highly concentrated ULTRA FIRMING BUST CREAM, which is a great alternative to an invasive breast shaping procedure. The advanced formula contains a unique Volumenic Plus MC 12.0 complex, selected specifically for FM WORLD, which, in conjunction with high concentrations of ingredients with proven effects, improve the appearance of breasts in a revolutionary way. They become firmer, optically larger and fuller. The perfectly selected composition of the product helps you maintain and correct the shape of your breasts. You will fall in love with your most feminine assets all over again.

→ A unique Volumenic Plus MC 12.0 complex inspired by Chinese medicine and based on innovative technologies, stimulates the maturation and differentiation of fat cells and facilitates the lipids storage process. This results in the so-called cosmetic lipofilling”, which causes an increase in the volume of adipose tissue in the breasts and is a great alternative to aesthetic medicine procedures. 
→ A Dictyoptales-family brown algae extract provides nourishment to adipocytes, making the breasts look larger and fuller. 
→ An algae and pullulan complex rich in amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamin C and B12 strengthens the subcutis fibres, maintains and corrects the shape of the breasts. 
Striving for perfection… Inspired by the beauty of the female body… Effectiveness combined with delightful pleasure … You and your ULTRA FIRMING BUST CREAM will be inseparable.