Pure Royal Parfum by Joanna Przetakiewicz

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  • Collection: Pure Royal
  • Capacity: 50
  • Fragrance: 20%
  • Type: unpredictable, intriguing, triggering desires

A NOTE OF PARISIAN NONCHALANCE The PUR E ROYAL PARFUM - limited edition by Joanna Przetakiewicz combine the latest trends and a timeless style. Each element is unique - from the scrupulously selected fragrance notes to the unique bottles. Fragrance which is as sensual as a lovers’ rendezvous under the Eiffel Tower. Filled with charming sweetness and lightness, it intrigues with deep, primal chords. Wrap yourself in an unforgettable scent of passion and be noticed by everyone around you.

Fragrance notes:
Head: bergamot, peach, raspberry
Heart: rose, jasmine, lily of the valley
Base: vanilla, musk, ambergris